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Over 11 million county records are available via user-friendly search by vendor, spending category, department and fund. Vendors can also be searched across all counties. Check the directory to see if your county's data is missing and give your Chancery Clerk a call!

Welcome to SeeTheSpending.org - giving Mississippians a clear look into how Mississippi government collects and spends their hard-earned tax dollars. It is designed to be a tool used by Mississippians to research, analyze, compare and share government spending data.

SeeTheSpending.org is sponsored by The Mississippi Center for Public Policy, a non-partisan and non-profit think tank located in Jackson, Mississippi.  We are not a government agency and accept no money from the public treasury, such as grants from government agencies. Our research and our voice are underwritten by our many supporters across Mississippi.

SeeTheSpending.org gives Mississippi taxpayers an unbiased look at raw spending and revenue data, provided directly by official government sources. Data is presented “as is” and has not been manipulated, altered, or modified.

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  • State Data 2015 (Delayed - State Upgrading to MAGIC)
  • State Data 2014 (Complete) (11/14)
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  • County FY16 Data (5/25)
  • County FY15 Data (4/01)
  • County FY14 Data (2/20)
  • County FY13 Data
  • Jefferson ('13)
  • County FY12 Data
  • County FY11 Data
  • Lowndes ('12)
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  • Wayne ('12)
  • Jackson, Jasper, Hinds,
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