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In November or December of each year, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (LBC), made up of state House and Senate members, recommends to the full legislature a budget for the following fiscal year, which will begin the following July 1. In the legislative session, which usually runs from January through March (through April in the year following a legislative election year), the legislature adopts about 150 "appropriations" bills to enact a state budget for the following fiscal year. These bills often, but not always, are consistent with the recommendations of the LBC.

In addition to the LBC recommendations, the budget document submitted to the legislature includes the governor's budget recommendations, a description of each state agency's programs and funding requests, and the performance measures each agency is supposed to be held to.

The State of Mississippi Fiscal Year runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following calendar year.

Most of these documents have never before been available online.

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Budget Recommendations
FY 2018 Proposed Budget
FY 2017 Proposed Budget
FY 2016 Proposed Budget
FY 2015 Proposed Budget
FY 2015 GovernorsProposed Budget
FY 2014 Proposed Budget
FY 2013 Proposed Budget
FY 2013 GovernorsProposed Budget
FY 2012 Proposed Budget
FY 2011 Proposed Budget
FY 2010 Proposed Budget
FY 2009 Proposed Budget
FY 2007 Proposed Budget
FY 2006 Proposed Budget
FY 2005 Proposed Budget
FY 2004 Proposed Budget
FY 2003 Proposed Budget
FY 2002 Proposed Budget Volume 2
FY 2002 Proposed Budget Volume 1
FY 2001 Proposed Budget
FY 2000 Proposed Budget
FY 1999 Proposed Budget
FY 1998 Proposed Budget
FY 1997 Proposed Budget
FY 1996 Proposed Budget
FY 1995 Proposed Budget
FY 1994 Proposed Budget
FY 1993 Proposed Budget
FY 1992 Proposed Budget Volume 2
FY 1992 Proposed Budget Volume 1
FY 1991 Proposed Budget Volume 2
FY 1990 Proposed Budget Volume 2
FY 2018 Appropriations
FY 2017 Appropriations
FY 2016 Appropriations
FY 2015 Appropriations
FY 2014 Appropriations
FY 2013 Appropriations
FY 2012 Appropriations
FY 2011 Appropriations
FY 2010 Appropriations
FY 2009 Appropriations
FY 2008 Appropriations
FY 2007 Appropriations
FY 2006 Appropriations
FY 2005 Appropriations
FY 2004 Appropriations
FY 2003 Appropriations
FY 2002 Appropriations
FY 2001 Appropriations
FY 2000 Appropriations
FY 1999 Appropriations
FY 1998 Appropriations
FY 1997 Appropriations
FY 1996 Appropriations
FY 1995 Appropriations
FY 1994 Appropriations
FY 1993 Appropriations
FY 1992 Appropriations
FY 1991 Appropriations
FY 1990 Appropriations
FY 1989 Appropriations
FY 1988 Appropriations
FY 1987 Appropriations
FY 1986 Appropriations
Note: The Legislative Budget Committee did not agree on a recommendation for Fiscal Year 2008, so there is no entry for that year.

These files are more than 700 pages each and might take some time to download, depending on your internet connection.
Note: Table V, near the end of each report, displays "Additional and Deficit Appropriations" for the current fiscal year. For an accurate calculation of a fiscal year's appropriations, these amounts should be added to those in the previous year's report.
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